Monday, November 28, 2011

Why I'm Thankful for Studio J #28 ~ Photo in Multiple Wells

Studio J gives us lots of ways to create visual impact with our favorite photos.  A fun technique involves placing the same photo in multiple photo wells to create an enlargement of the photo.  In the Grill Masters layout, I love the focal photo of my husband showing off pans of freshly seasoned beef.  Yet, the story is really about how he and my brother-in-law were in a grilling cook off.  I wanted their photo to carry almost equal weight as the focal photo, so I placed it in four different photo wells to create an "enlargement."  The steps to accomplish this are really easy:

1)  Select the photo you want to "enlarge" and drop into one of the photo wells.
2)  Increase the scale until the "ghost" image covers all four photo wells.  My photos are at 220%.
3)  Move the first photo into place and repeat.
4)  Once all four photos have been resized, you are able to move them around by grabbing the hand/move icon in the middle of the photo.  A "ghost" image will appear that will allow you to line up all four photos.  It helps to zoom way in so that you can really see what you are doing.

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What a useful technique and great effect. I figure enlarging photos in Studio-J is money in the bank already--instead of paying $2 for an 8-10 enlargement it is just part of the fee for the page, and you can play around with the sizing until its perfect--for "free!"

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