Friday, March 30, 2012

Expand the Possibilities in Studio J

From the very beginning of my love affair with Studio J, I knew I was getting a screaming deal on photo enlargements.  I very rarely made enlargements in my classic scrapbooking due to the need to pre-plan my layouts and the time/money involved in actually obtaining the enlargements.  Studio J makes it so easy to really showcase my favorite photos.  I simply drop the photo into a well and it automatically resizes; it seriously doesn't get easier than that!  I can even rotate the page and the photo will automatically rotate along with it.  That in and of itself gives me so many layout options.  Yet,  Studio J allows me to expand the possibilities even more by dropping one photo into multiple wells to create super sized photos.  I wrote about it in my Why I'm Thankful for Studio J #28 post and added photos, but I think this video tutorial does much more justice to this awesome technique.


love the tutorial, I am going to steal this again and link it back to you. I will also mention that my American should visit your site if they would like to order any CTMH products.
Fellow CTMH Consultant

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